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541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

NAICS Code 541690

As a qualified government provider and supplier, Chameleon is qualified to fulfill the variety of consulting services on scientific and technical issues as required under NAICS Code 541690 for the following public and/or private sectors:

  • Horticulture
  • Motion Picture
  • Business

Chameleon is:

  • MBE-certified minority-owned (MBE)
  • SDB-Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) organization
  • MBR-approved
  • SBA-approved

How We Deliver

In offering the unique consulting services as specified by this NAICS Code, Chameleon is able to provide either on-site staffing solutions composed of strictly one individual or an entire team, and for only as long as required according to budgets and/or timetables. All agencies qualify for on-site services from Chameleon, not matter what the size or manpower requirements. Our DCAA compliant estimating and accounting systems, and Depart of Labor-approved recruiting systems provide us the ability to estimate needs accurately, according to the demands of any given initiative. By partnering with Chameleon, agencies will receive the consultation of experienced, trained experts in specific fields, whose performances are measured against agreed-upon service level agreements and key performance indicators, resulting in optimum performance quality. To further ensure accountability on every initiative, each Chameleon client team is guided by an Executive Sponsor.

Contact Drew at Chameleon at 314-773-7200.

SAM Registration

Unitech Consulting, LLC d.b.a. Chameleon Integrated Services (Chameleon) is registered to conduct business in the System of Award Management (SAM). Our registration is active through May 14, 2016.