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541512- Computer Systems Design Services

NAICS Code 541512

Chameleon IT experts have the experience needed to deliver maximum results by meeting the required classified clearance and ratings that make it possible for us to fulfill the services defined by a number of NAICS Codes. As a qualified government partner, Chameleon is able to satisfy the requirements of NAICS Code 541512 for the purpose of meeting any mission requirement:

  • Planning / Designing of Computer Systems, including hardware, software and communications technologies
  • Installation of Computer Systems
  • Training and Support of Computer Systems

Chameleon is:

  • MBE-certified minority-owned (MBE)
  • SDB-Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) organization
  • MBR-approved
  • SBA-approved

How We Deliver

When it comes to the design, installation and support of new computer systems, Chameleon has the capability to execute the training and support of a new system onsite at agency offices or at Chameleon headquarters. Our goal is to help maximize the quality of service delivery and satisfaction. Chameleon helps a number of government organizations by operating as their small business and SDB supplier for IT support services worldwide. Quality assurance is delivered, in part, via our Program Management Office (PMO), a team of corporate employees with task-specific, value-added skills that leverage repeatable processes to ensure performance excellence. To date, our PMO track record has been documented and validated by our federal customers through CPARS at either “Exceptional” or “Very Good” ratings. Ultimately, we strive to help reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Contact Drew at Chameleon at 314-773-7200

SAM Registration

Unitech Consulting, LLC d.b.a. Chameleon Integrated Services (Chameleon) is registered to conduct business in the System of Award Management (SAM). Our registration is active through May 14, 2016.

NOTE: The hardware and/or software components of any system designed, installed and supported under NAICS Code 541512 may or may not be provided by Chameleon.